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The Prattle Place

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May 30th, 2005

12:28 pm

Um....I got kicked out of the_pursuit for some reason, so I can't post comments on anything.

Was just wondering what's going on...

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May 24th, 2005

12:17 am - Cross-posted to the_pursuit, A quick note.
As some of you may have noticed, this RPG has been a bit slow in going. I am excited to announce that the_pursuit will be changing hands. This RPG has been close to both Scela's and my own heart, and we have both come to the conclusion that we cannot give you the time you deserve. Today, I handed the reigns over to Cindy, currently known as sweetonks. Not only does she have drive and vision, in regards to this RPG, but she is able to devote more time to it than Scela and myself (both of us full-time college students, with part-time jobs).

I write this, not only to inform you of the changes you will be seeing, but to encourage those of you have been patiently waiting on Scela and I, to get involved in this RPG. I'm not disappearing; I'll still be playing Hannah.

Each member of this rpg was accepted because they had something great to add to this game. And you do. You guys have been awesome, and I look forward to having Cindy take over on what is a RPG with so much potential.

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May 17th, 2005

03:20 pm

I couldn't help but notice that Pursuit has been deleted.....what's going on? :(

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May 16th, 2005

11:58 pm
Hello chums.

So.... are we playing or what? Harry is very lonely without a trio hand to hold... I mean, it's not as thought I want to whine, but when we started it was made clear that we'll be going fast, so I staved off developing my own RPG, but if we're dying maybe I'll dig mine up again...
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May 9th, 2005

10:29 am
Hi! *waves*

Er....I never introduced myself before. I'm Ashley, and I play Bellatrix Lestrange.

About the Death Eater part of the RP...I know Jay's had some...er, recent developments, but Scela!!!!!!! :D

Ok, this whole post just sonds weird, but I just realized that I'm going to be sitting around every morning for two or three hours with nothing to do for the next three months. :X
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12:45 am - Who is sukecchi?
I'm sorry to appear dense or whatnot, but who exactly is sukecchi? This person is a member of prattle_place and is requesting membership in the_pursuit. I need to know who this person is (and their role) before I can do so. Any information would be great.

Thanks so much,
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May 8th, 2005

09:15 pm - update button OOC!!
Hi mods.

Ali here.
I just wondered why the update button doesn't work.
For me.

I'll update the old fashioned way. *laughs*
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07:26 pm - what do I know?
Okay, well, the automatic update thingy seemed to work, so that's all well and good. I'd just like to know if anyone out there can fill me in on what Harry was doing up until I came in? It's just that F and G asked me if I'd heard anything from Charlie and Bill, and I don't know- have I?
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May 7th, 2005

07:13 am

Umm can anyone tell me what day it is and the date (game-time)?



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May 6th, 2005

06:00 pm
Hey gang,

Harry Penny here! Just a quick note to let you all know I've started my personal character journal, so feel free to add me etc. I'll be away until Sunday night (that's 48 hrs, but I'll be on this thing the second I get home- hopefully that'll work, but you know, Mother's Day and all).

I'm a bit new to LJ style RPG, and I'm wondering who I should friend? I know people like Ron and Hermione are obvious, but what about people like Lupin and Dumbledore? Do I really need to see what they're thinking- I mean, it sort of spoils it doesn't it?

Looking forward to playing,
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